Affordable Intelligent Enterprise WiFi Management

JustiFi is an innovative solution that enhances your WLAN by enabling proactive communication of valuable information. It efficiently mines and analyzes data to provide you with insights such as the location of your users within the network, their connectivity experiences across different zones, the devices they are using, and the applications they are accessing. Additionally, JustiFi helps you determine the average time taken for users to connect, identifies users experiencing connectivity issues and investigates the reasons behind them. It also ensures that all users receive sufficient throughput and identifies any network areas with poor coverage that may impact service quality. Furthermore, JustiFi helps you diagnose whether a problem stems from the user’s device or the access points, and it can identify any challenges faced by users while roaming between access points. With JustiFi, you gain comprehensive visibility into your WLAN, empowering you to optimize performance and deliver an enhanced user experience.

Full Network Visibility
  • Single dashboard to view all connected devices in your network
  • Integrated view for all IoT and Smart Office controls
User Management & Reporting
  • Complete WiFi User Life Cycle Management – Onboarding, Reconnecting
  • Validating, Monitoring, Reporting, Expiring/Deleting users
  • Account ID based User Credentials
  • Demographic Field Option (Associating a user to a category, dept, administrative zone)
Fair Usage of Bandwidth
  • Manage Bandwidth and QoS for individual at user, device and application levels
Device Profiling & Internet control
  • Set Policy driven controls on screen time, content access and usage quotas
  • Set individual controls without affecting other users
Session Management
  • Time | Quota Based Session Management
  • Set up Public WiFi, Pre Authenticated Hotel WiFi, Coffee Shops WiFi, SME Office WiFi, Service Apartments, Urban Dwelling WiFi
Manage Guest Access
  • Easily assign and expire guest access codes
  • Create Package & Zone wise Vouchers
  • Facilitates Pre created as well as on the spot Voucher creation depending on workflows
  • Optional Instant voucher generation in printable formats
  • Optional System generated username & passwords instead of vouchers/OTP
  • Vouchers with expiry times
Network wide WiFi Performance
  • View network wide Signal strength and device performance
  • Auto suggest optimum channel
  • Manage coverage and wifi capacity
  • Manage SSID and passwords
  • WiFi Meshing
Cloud Managed or On Premise
  • Access your network from anywhere in the world through the web portal or Mobile App
Multiple Gateway Load Balancing
  • Supports Multiple ISP Links
  • Weight Based Round Robin Traffic Balancing
  • High Connectivity Even During Peak Hours
  • Immediate Failure Detection
  • Intelligent Redirection of Traffic to Active Gateways (based on Latency, Jitter, Packet loss)
Captive Portal Capabilities
  • User friendly Captive Portal Login
  • Optional Location Based Captive Portal
  • Multi Factor Authentication for User Login
  • User Self Registration for required workflows
  • Optional Promotional Survey and convenient reporting formats – graphical as well as spreadsheet based
  • Quick on-boarding of new surveys

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