TR-069 / TR-369 Device Management

Enabling Affordable, Measurable, Reliable, and Programmable User Experience for End Users and Service Providers is paramount to success in the connected device industry today. TR 069 was designed to facilitate this very objective. JustiFi TR0 69 Device Management platform is built fully compliant to the specifications laid out by the Broadband forum and works seamlessly across multi vendor ecosystem. Its work flow based design allows for an easy to adapt intelligent interface that eliminates any form of manual intervention to manage the customer network. It goes beyond offering simple device management functions, enabling Internet Service Providers to not only improve their customer experience but also seamlessly introduce new value add services to monetise better.


ISPs can leverage the JustiFi ACS platform to empower their franchise’s , support staff and End Users to proactively identify, troubleshoot and resolve issues. A variety of flexible commercial and business models are available for both On premise and Cloud deployments.

JustiFi ACS F1
Workflow engine and Zero-touch provisioning.
JustiFi ACS F2
Monitoring for troubleshooting and QoE.
JustiFi ACS F3
Active HeatMap for WiFi Optimisation.
JustiFi ACS F4
Secure, ErrorFree and Intelligent firmware management.
JustiFi ACS F5
Schedulable mass upgrade and maintenance operations.
JustiFi ACS F6
Full Multi-Tenancy capabilities to easily separate different device or user groups.
JustiFi ACS F7
Grouping by device, username, vendor, reported time, in any combination.
JustiFi ACS F8
Managed databases for multi site storage and recovery.
JustiFi ACS F9
Continuous system and network health monitoring.
JustiFi ACS F10
Logs and reports for performance and actionables.
JustiFi ACS F11
Built-in servers for CWMP.STUN and XMPP for NAT traversal.
JustiFi ACS F12
Customer and Operator self service portal support.

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